Theoretical Ex Rights Price


Theoretical Ex-Rights Price is a deemed value which is attributed to a company's share immediately after a rights issue transaction occurs.


Theoretical Ex-Rights Price (TERP) denotes the 'theoretical' worth of a single share of a company immediately after a rights issue.

TERP is lower than the market value of a share prior to the rights issue because shares under rights issue transactions are normally issued at a price below the prevailing market price. TERP assumes that all rights are exercised on a single day.

Theoretical Ex-Rights Price may differ slightly from the actual market price of the stocks prevailing after a rights issue due to, for example, varying perceptions of market participants concerning the rights issue and stock market imperfections.


Theoretical Ex-Rights Price:

=Market Value of shares prior to rights issue + Cash raised from rights issue
Number of shares after rights issue


ABC PLC issued 1 for 4 rights shares on 31st March 2013 at an exercise price of $1. Market value of its shares immediately prior to the rights issue was $1.5 per share. ABC PLC had 1 million shares before the issuance of rights shares. All rights were exercised by shareholders on 31st March 2012.

Theoretical Ex-Rights Price may be calculated as follows:

Step 1: Calculate market value of ABC PLC prior to the rights issue
Market Value before rights issue($1.5 x 1 million shares)$1,500,000
Step 2: Calculate cash proceeds raised from the rights issue
Cash raised from rights issue($1 x 250,000*)$250,000
*(1 million / 4 = 250,000 rights shares)
Step 3: Calculate number of shares after the rights issue
Number of Shares(1 million + 250,000 [step 2])1,250,000

Step 4: Calculate Theoretical Ex-Rights Price

=$1,500,000 (Step 1) + $250,000 (Step 2)=
1,250,000 (Step 3)

=    $1.4 per share


Value of a company's shares represents the present value of future cash flows expected to be earned from the share in the form of dividends and capital gains from future share price appreciation. 'Theoretically' therefore, the value of a company's shares after a rights issue must equal its fraction of the sum of market capitalization immediate prior to rights issue and the cash inflows generated from the rights issue.


Theoretical Ex-Rights Price is an objective measure of the value of company's share after a rights issue and is used as a basis for the calculation of bonus element in Earnings Per Share involving rights issue. TERP simplifies the process of determining the bonus element in EPS calculation since all rights under a rights issue are assumed to be exercised on a single date.