Closing Equity Ledger Account

This is how an equity ledger looks like before closure:

Share Capital (Equity)
-01 Dec 2011Cash10,000

In order to close the account, we must first total both sides. The credit side adds up to $10,000 where as the debit side does not contain any balance. Therefore, as $10,000 is higher than the total of debit side, we write this amount at the end of both sides.

Closing figure is the balancing figure on the debit side which in this case is $10,000.

Being a balance sheet ledger account, the closing balance will be carried forward to the next accounting period.

This is how the equity ledger will look like after closure:

Share Capital (Equity)
31 Dec 2011Balance c/d10,00001 Dec 2011Cash10,000

The closing balance amount of $10,000 will be posted in the trial balance in respect of share capital.